True Connection 2022

True Connection

Today I sent 56 emails, I liked 15 stories and posts on IG. I commented on 4 LinkedIn articles and posts, I responded to two DM’s and I posted one story on all my channels.

Wait, did I connect with anyone?

Let’s get clear in our work about where we are filling the voids with false connection and where we are really making human connection.   Sorry, but you liking my post or giving me the thumbs up to an article isn’t connection.  Your personalized responses or comments (and I do mean personalized, not the form responses that social platforms now offer) start to make some electronic inroads.

What about a phone call, a Zoom call or, wait for it… a face-to-face meeting?  How often in a week are you recognizing that the most traction comes from actual connection with other humans?  If business is people … then doesn’t more people connection make for more business?

From hand written thank you-s, to personalized gifts, to a phone call just to see how you’re doing; the actions that really make connection are less and less practiced.  The ability to stand out simply by focusing on what drives connection is now at a pinnacle!

Start now by recognizing what prospects, customers, vendors and stakeholders need to connect with you.  Remember that you are creating a community as much as you’re pursuing transactions and sales.

During this holiday season, it is the ideal time to focus on actual connection with people.  Fill your day with meeting people in person.  Fill it with live calls without an agenda.  Even a compelling voicemail is still impacting.  Fill it with ideas and opportunities to present to others – you know, a “hey I was thinking about this idea for you” kind of approach.

Hey, for sure, keep ‘liking’, clicking and commenting online … but recognize that it is the table steaks of business today.  Everyone can, and does, do that.  To stand out, get back to making connection with people.  Be interested in them.  Ask how you can help them.  Determine what value you can add to them or their business.   Contribution is connection.

Get conscious about how you spend time to connect and stop just scrolling through the feed.  Be aware of the time you’re wasting and get committed to reaching out to people with meaning and purpose.

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True connection is what matters to people.  Ask your kids.  True connection is what drives success in business and life.  Commit now to making a connection, or re-connection, with a person today.  Every day.

Watch how a renewed commitment to human connection in your business approach dramatically transforms your results in 2020.

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Marty Park is an expert in entrepreneurship, business performance and living your best life. As a life-long entrepreneur Marty has founded 13 companies including Evolve Business Group, a coaching and training company that helps entrepreneurs, executives and their teams achieve dramatic business goals.

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