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Since the age of 21, Marty Park has owned and operated 13 companies across 8 different industries. As a natural storyteller, award-winning business coach, and bestselling author, Marty shares his vast experience and knowledge through compelling real-world stories, challenges, and solutions to help audiences quickly grasp and implement key concepts. 

Always timely and relevant, regardless of the industry, Marty’s audiences appreciate his first-hand experience in start-ups, leadership and business success, in many different industries and economic conditions. His keynotes inspire leaders and their teams to raise their game and master their business and life!

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Entrepreneur Coach

Marty Park is an expert in entrepreneurship, business performance and living your best life. As a life-long entrepreneur Marty has founded 13 companies including Evolve Business Group, a coaching and training company that helps entrepreneurs, executives and their teams achieve dramatic business goals. His clients span industries from software to restaurants, audio production to law firms to construction.

Bestselling Author

Tiger by The Tail

Tiger by the Tail is available in stores, on Amazon and Audible!

Why work with Marty?

Real, hands-on experience.

With 13 companies owned, a business owner since age 21, and thousands of hours coaching dedicated entrepreneurs, Marty knows that growing companies is critically linked to growing and improving the people within them.
Like a great sports team, talent only takes you so far and then synergy, common goals and vision need to guide companies higher.

Attack operational challenges that are holding you and your company back
Navigate challenges such as recession, low seasons, team, culture or cash flow issues
Pinpoint your blind spots and devise solutions
Formulate and implement a strategy for growth in every area of your business

Entrepreneur Coaching

Marty has helped thousands reach their ultimate performance levels in business and life.

Leadership & Sales Training

Empower your leaders & team through Master Sales Training and Customized Workshops.


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    I have always believed that most people only scratch the surface of their potential. Each of us has so many talents and opportunities that we just need to focus on them and work smart (and hard) to achieve more. If everyone maximizes their talents and moves towards their dream and ideal life, they are happier and also contribute more to family, friends, and community.

    – MARTY