Become A Sales Master in 6 Simple Steps

Working in the entrepreneurship industry, we all know someone who is fantastic in sales and seems to make more money and have more success than all the other salespeople we know combined. These high performing agents are great examples for every salesperson and business owner out there. Take a look at the steps below to rethink your sales processes, and find tips on how to become the ultimate Sales Master:

Sell Everyday: For most people in a sales role or a business development role (especially owners), sales is a thing you jump into some days, while on other days you focus on accounts, operations, delivery and service. Sales Masters are focused on selling everyday, through actions like prospecting, networking, or even cold calling. Sales masters work every day to keep their prospect list full.

Stand Out: Sales Masters are never just another salesperson calling to pitch a product or service. They know their market implicitly and do their research. As well, they have a proprietary sales process and offer more value to their product by package their offering so that it can’t be matched by the competition. This can be tricky and often requires creativity, but when done correctly, it can become a game changer for your business.

Kind Persistence Follow-up: “Kind persistence” is the description of the type of follow-up Sales Masters do; repeated, on-going, friendly, and consistent follow-up. They are always kind and don’t get upset when people don’t respond. While most of us make 1-2 attempts and quit discouraged, sales masters know it could take time and many attempts. They remain consistent, and keep at it until people are moved to act.

Over-Service Clients: Sales Masters are also masters of service for their clients. This service is not always delivered directly but Masters want to know and ensure that service is outstanding. They ask for feedback and create relationships that extend beyond the transactions. Remember, good quality service is the foundation of any business that wants to be successful.

Referrals Rain Down: Through their over service efforts and customer concern sales masters create an environment perfect for referrals before asking. They ask clients for referrals and have active referral programs for people to participate in. They also have a very high conversion rate for their sales because referrals are foundational to their process.

Yes or No Fast: Sales Masters aren’t hurt by people that don’t buy, and they aren’t overwhelmed with celebration when they do sell successfully. Either outcome is just an outcome. Sales Masters recognize that they need to get people to a yes or no decision as fast as possible in order to create their own success.

To become a sales master, you must believe wholeheartedly in whatever you are selling. Your product must excite you, and tie into your personal mission statement for everyone to see. As well, successful salespeople get out of their own heads, and into the minds of their customers. People are interested in the value that you and your services can bring into their lives, so the goal is to be the person that solves their problem.

Prospecting is the most important step in the sales process, and is usually the most time consuming. To have successful cold calls, make sure to keep the call brief and to the point. As well, make sure to value your time. In sales, time is worth more than money. How you use your time determines how much money you make, so ensure that most of your selling time is spent prospecting.

A good sales person has more to offer customers than just an exciting pitch – they’re resilient and enthusiastic individuals that take the time to understand their client’s needs and pain points. They show empathy and handle deals with confidence. Additionally, sales masters know how to handle rejection, and learn from both their successful and unsuccessful deals. While low performing sales people are usually led by intuition, high performing reps closely identify a process that is optimized to move as many prospective clients to closing as they can. Sales masters make sure to understand the state of every deal in their pipeline, and obsessively review key metrics and adjust as necessary.

Finally, to become a Sales Master, you must show passion! Too often, we think leaders should not be nervous or excited, and never sweat. However, that approach must be abandoned. Your team and your customers should see you excited. They should be able to see your passion and frustration, but also, they must see your willingness to get down and dirty. Great leaders show high energy, flexibility, and quick thinking. When you show emotions to your team and customers, they begin to catch that infectious enthusiasm. This is how you boost team morale, encourage hard work, and show true leadership.

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