Sales Training

Sales Training

The word ‘sales’ often conjures images of sleazy car dealers, wheeling and dealing, false promises, feeling pressured, or worse, manipulated. It’s no wonder that even sales people dread learning how to ‘sell’ better.
Sales training often targets learning tactics, improving product knowledge and memorizing closing scripts to help someone function as a better salesperson. The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t address the
mindset, beliefs or framework that someone is operating in before they even initiate sales activities.

Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman – not the attitude of the prospect.
– W. Clement Stone

Leadership Selling Keynote

Lead the client. Lead your company. Lead the industry. Becoming a standout sales professional in your market is critical today. Leadership is a requirement of great salespeople and yet it is rarely discussed as a part of selling. In order to get results, create lasting relationships and move people the way you want, leadership is a requirement. Leadership Selling establishes a new adage: “lead, guide and help; don’t just sell.”

Through stories of real experiences – of successes and fails, of learning and honing this pivotal skill – Marty shares insight and inspiration in this eye-opening keynote. You will never see sales or selling the same way again!
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Team and Leader Sales Training

Leadership Selling Training assesses the baseline attitude, beliefs and skills of the seller. Our approach is learning to position yourself in the sales process as a Leader, not as a salesman. People naturally follow a leader through a sales “process” or series of steps to make a decision when it comes from a place of assistance and not pressure. The best results stem from a place where we authentically Lead, Guide and Help prospects to make their own buying decision. Once we have this framework set, we get into strategies and tools that all use a cooperative paradigm and not a competitive one.


  • Dramatically improve your conversion rates from prospects to clients
  • Improve long term sales by keeping clients longer and getting them to buy more
  • Understand the dynamics of prospective customers and how they are reactive to you and your approach
  • Utilize personality styles and Modalities of Communication – what they mean, how to rapidly identify them and how to sell to them
  • Eliminate the delays and waiting when prospects drive the process
  • Establish how your offering and approach is unique so you stand out in prospects’ minds
  • Systemize your selling process so it works consistently across your team
  • Master deliberate sales communications so you are never misunderstood and your attention to detail aids in closing deals
  • Math of Selling – areas to evaluate with each sales person to maximize their results and effectiveness
  • Sales Timing – how to use the time with prospects effectively, keep them interested and get them to a decision quickly
  • Creating the Experience – how to maximize your clients’ 5 senses and get the prospect buying without any pressure
  • Agenda Selling – setting an agenda and objectives with the prospect to better serve them