I would say what I love most about working with you is your real world experience. The fact that you are able to talk about a checklist when it comes to handing over accounting duties to somebody else. Someone who just got a coaching certificate would not have a clue about that. I love listening to you talk about your previous challenges, you’ve had a wealth of experience. You also have a keen intuition about people what makes them work what make some tick. I find this quality critical when it comes to managing people.
– Ann Zee BCom, R.Ac, FABORM, Clinic Director, Holistic Institute of Health & Fertility

Our sales increased by 236% in the first three months working with Marty and implementing his strategies.
– Dawn

Thanks Marty. You consistently amaze me with the depth of your intuitive business sense and unparalleled experience.
-Ann Zee
You are an amazing business coach who accepts our company’s big dreams as reality, and jump on board with our vision as if you were one of the team. I have many business associates that have business coaches, but see no real return on the investment made. The return on the investment we have seen as a company and individuals is enormous. The value you add to our company meets more than just the bottom line. You help add value to our lives as business people, and we all know business is so much more than making money, and you have taught us the importance of that.
-Ryan Gill
Yesterday’s ‘Goal Setting’ training day was fantastic!!! That was one of the most enjoyable, educational, and motivational seminars that I’ve had the pleasure of attending. I sincerely appreciate being able to attend and participate. I’m really looking forward to the next training day in February.
– Kim Krebs