• A committed belief that entrepreneurship is the absolute best job ever – it will test you and reward you like nothing else. Entrepreneurship gets in your blood.
  • There are entrepreneurial opportunities everywhere! In every community, city and country.
  • Entrepreneurship is about skills, attitudes and aptitudes that can be developed in your job, department and organization.


About seven years ago now, a great friend of mine, Krista Green took me through an exercise to determine what some of my personal culture and philosophy was. Like most people, I had an idea of my values but had never really thought about a “personal philosophy”. So from that day we created a list of words that defined some of the things that summarize what is important to me: Kaizen, Vision and Impact.


Kaizen means to make better The Japanese term for “constant and never ending improvement” defines how I like to live, not always at Mach 2 but always looking to enrich and improve my life.


I like actions and projects to have some vision for what they will achieve. I believe that if we can always increase the vision we have for our lives and our adventures then we can really make a difference and also live big!


I like the initiatives I take to provide value and create impact. If we are going to do something in work then its got to impact clients and people. If we volunteer time it’s got to impact the cause. To me this lets me know my efforts aren’t wasted.