Ready to RAISE your game?


Marty is a storyteller. When he steps on stage you feel as though you are in the story with him.
His keynotes are crafted with equal parts, humour, practicality and energy. Marty is not about academia – he is about real world solutions and experience you can use. His audiences come away feeling energized, enlightened and equipped to put the wheels in motion to produce better results.

  • Marty delivers dynamic keynote presentations and engaging seminars to:
    Business owners who want to create their best business and best life
  • Entrepreneurs groups and associations that need fresh ideas and insights
  • Corporations who want to drive more entrepreneurial spirit

What makes Marty different?

He’s the real deal. Marty hasn’t had one big, lucky break in business, but instead has consistent success across many industries, geographies and economic conditions. What sets Marty apart from other speakers is that he has experienced, first-hand, the unforeseeable highs and lows of being a hands-on business operator.

There’s no fluff here.
What excites him – is showing YOU how to conquer those challenges, how YOU can reignite your passion and how YOU can succeed.

His goal is to leave you eager to make REAL changes.
Will you be inspired? Of course.
But more importantly, you’ll be ready to do something about it.

“Marty Park spoke at our annual Small Business Showcase, an event attended by 150 of our top clients and market partners. Our theme for 2017 was ‘Digital Enablement’ and Marty delivered a topical, meaningful, interactive, and entertaining presentation on the importance of integrating one’s digital strategy within their overall sales and marketing framework. Audience participation and engagement was high, and the feedback even better. I am confident our clients left the Showcase with several new tools in their toolbox as a result of Marty Park’s involvement. Highly recommended.”
– Adam Reid, Manager – Business Markets, RBC

Keynote Topics

Your Best Business, Your Best Life.

Marty works with clients one-on-one, devising strategy, tactical execution in the company, creating accountability, and life integration for the owner. Once a set of goals are in place, Marty is there to help you meet them, aiding you in the breakdown of actions designed to push your business to meet its goals and helping you navigate any challenges that come up along the way. You will gain new perspective and confidence in planning and executing strategies and objective insights into how to run your business better, increase sales and improve your skills as a leader.

Tiger by the Tail – How to Tame & Master Your Business

In launching 14 different companies and turning around a number of others, Marty has defined and identified many lessons and strategies that work time and time again. Each lesson is defined by real life stories – many are funny and animated. Tools and ideas are shared that business people can use in their companies starting today for growth and performance.

Nobody Like a Salesman

The word ‘sales’ often conjures images of sleezy car dealers, wheeling and dealing, false promises, feeling pressured, or worse, manipulated. It’s no wonder that even sales people dread learning how to ‘sell’ better. Sales training often targets learning tactics, improving product knowledge and memorizing closing scripts to help someone function as a better salesperson. The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t address the mindset, beliefs or framework that someone is operating in before they even initiate sales activities.


This keynote addresses the baseline attitude, beliefs and skills of the seller. Learn to position yourself in the sales process as a Leader, not as a salesman. People naturally follow a leader through a sales “process” or series of steps to make a decision when it comes from a place of assistance and not pressure. The best results stem from a place where we authentically Lead, Guide and Help prospects to make their own buying decision. Then Marty gets into strategies and tools that all use a cooperative paradigm and not a competitive one.

  • Dramatically improve your conversion rates from prospects to clients
  • Improve long term sales by keeping clients longer and getting them to buy more
  • Understand the dynamics of prospective customers and how they are reactive to you and your approach
  • Utilize personality styles and Modalities of Communication – what they mean, how to rapidly identify them and how to sell to them
  • Eliminate the delays and waiting when prospects drive the process
    Establish how your offering and approach is unique so you stand out in prospects’ minds
  • Systemize your selling process so it works consistently across your team
  • Master deliberate sales communications so you are never misunderstood and your attention to detail aids in closing deals
    Math of Selling – areas to evaluate with each sales person to maximize their results and effectiveness
  • Sales Timing – how to use the time with prospects effectively, keep them interested and get them to a decision quickly
  • Creating the Experience – how to maximize your clients’ 5 senses and get the prospect buying without any pressure
  • Agenda Selling – setting an agenda and objectives with the prospect to better serve them

The 7 Keys to Mastering People in Business

While people like to focus on what makes people different at work, we are fundamentally all driven by the same motivators. The 7 keys looks at the secrets behind how customers buy, why employee stay and how managers lead. When you learn to address and master the 7 keys, you will find staff turnover stops, customers rave about your organization and people step up to be leaders.

Keynote Clients

“(Marty) is able to communicate the practical realities clearly and delivers real life stories with irresistible humour so that you remember it in your gut as well as your brain – the best kind of learning experience!”
– Nick Dove