Business Strategies for Surviving a Pandemic

Jan 28, 2021 | 0 comments

Marty has managed companies through the great recession. He’s had the bank call his loans and struggled to pay his 80 staff.
He has experienced business crisis, first-hand. He understands the panic, confusion, fear and even devastation that some business owners are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and even paralyzed by a sudden halt in our business, and we are quickly pulled into a position of reactive decision-making while attempting to move ahead in uncharted territory. This is a time when not only our business skills are tested, but on top of that, our personal character and resilience – in equal measure. You may be in a really tough spot. You may be facing some extremely difficult realities. You may not know the next move. BUT, there are many things you CAN do, and here is a good place to start:

Free 30 minute strategy discussion

I am here to help you with:
Evaluating immediate needs and devising a short term and long term plan
Addressing cash flow, HR and operational issues
Identifying opportunities and strategies for recovery

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My mandate is to provide support, ideas and guidance to business owners who are:

  • Seeking increased growth, profit and freedom but unsure how to get there
  • Looking to “finish their business” – to set it up for sale, for multiplication or for passive ownership

If you need help developing a plan during this time or guidance in implementing any of the aforementioned ideas, please reach out.
I will continue adding to this page as we move forward navigating this challenging time.



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